TCS Manufacturingtm Pistol Cleaning Kits

Available in 22, 9mm/38, 40, and 45 calibers the TCS Manufacturingtm Tactical Cleaning Kittm is one of the most complete handgun cleaning kits on the market. Designed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement & Military as well as the civilian market, it's the only kit that features the TCS Manufacturingtm Family of products. It comes equipped with a heavy duty reusable polypropylene box, TCS Manufacturingtm Cleaning Jag, TCS Manufacturingtm odor free Tactical Cleaning Solventtm, TCS Manufacturingtm Ultimate Firearms Lubricanttm, TCS Manufacturingtm 6" Law Enforcement Rod or 22 Caliber Rod, Cleaning Patches, TCS Manufacturingtm Heavy Duty Cleaning Brush, Armorers Parts Brush, Cotton Cleaning Swabs, a syringe of TCS Manufacturingtm Bore Cleaning Paste, wooden spatula, TCS Manufacturingtm Oil Cloth and a complete set of instructions for using the kit.

TCS<sup>tm</sup> Tactical Cleaning Kits

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TCS ManufacturingtmAR Platform Cleaning Kit

TCS Manufacturing AR15 Cleaning Kit

TCS Manufacturing's AR Cleaning Kit is the last cleaning kit you will ever need to buy. This is the ultimate cleaning kit for cleaning every single piece and part of the AR rifle platform. No other kit is this complete, or cleans so much of the gun. This kit contains: 1 TCS Manufacturing Gas Tube Guide, a set of TCS Manufacturing Gas Tube Guide Liners, 10 TCS Manufacturing 24" Gas Tube Cleaners, 1 TCS Manufacturing AR Bore Guide Set,1 TCS Manufacturing Upper Receiver and Buffer Tube Cleaning Jag, 1 TCS Manufacturing 22 Caliber Bore Brush, 1 TCS Manufacturing 22 Caliber Cleaning Jag,1 TCS Manufacturing 5.56 Chamber Brush, 1 TCS Manufacturing Bore Paste, 1 TCS Manufacturing Ultimate Firearms Lube, 1 TCS Manufacturing Tactical Cleaning Solvent, 40 cotton swabs, 1 armorer's brush, 180 22 caliber Cotton Flannel Patches, 120 Upper Receiver Cotton Flannel Patches, 1 Pack Replacement O-rings and instructions. When you buy this kit, you should also buy the revolutionary new AR Upper Receiver & Buffer Tube Rod

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