The Ultimate Moon Clip Conversion

Everyone loves the rugged simplicity of the revolver. There is just something about a wheel gun that appeals to the eye, the hand, and the mind of a gun lover. Still even the most ardent wheel gun fan has to admit that reloading a revolver, without either moon clips or speed loaders, is a slow process. So if you are carrying a revolver for any purpose that requires quick reloading, you need to consider the Ultimate Moon Clip Conversion. Unlike the moon clip conversions of the past, The Ultimate Moon Clip Conversion allows you to load rounds singly or all at once with the moon clip for maximum speed and versatility. It is simply the ultimate cylinder conversion for revolvers. Just $160.00 plus the cost of the moon clips (includes shipping). Send in your cylinder now.

Send Cylinders To:

The Custom Shop

P.O. Box 410

3712 Main St.

Walworth, NY 14568

The Ultimate Moon Clip Conversion Moon Clip In Ulimate Cylinder Conversion Extraction of all six cases at once Versatility of loading rounds without the moon clip

The Ultimate Moon Clip Conversion Is Available For The Following Firearms: Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus .38*, .357*, .44 magnum

If Your don't see your gun listed here, call us to confirm your gun can be modified.

*38 Special Brass Comes in two extractor groove sizes, one fits Remington, Federal, and similar extractor groove diameters, and one fits Winchester and similar size brass. We need to know what ammunition you use, in order to provide you with the correct moon clips.